This is the Temple private collection shared with you, lucky person reading this 🙂

When I find a Tea that’s exceptional for meditation at a good price I buy a small quantity of it to share here at the Tea Temple and for a few friends to buy

Aged sheng (raw) puerh is 80% of what we drink (because it generally is the most suitable for tea ceremony meditation sessions) but there are other aged teas and a few examples of other teas in other genres.

Puerh wise most of the tea is on the side of naturally aged (wetter), it’s generally quite dark for its age, I find this helps the QI penetrate deeper.
Dry-stored puerh tends to be very expensive in comparison to its meditation qualities, so we stock very little of it.

Selling Tea in this quantities is not a business, I see more it as a service to support people to develop their tea practice.

Finding good Tea in the west is very, very, very hard – to start with anything you can find online is generally useless, but don’t take my word for it, the truth is in the cup.

Most of the best Tea I source comes from personal meetings with tea lovers in Taiwan and Malaysia and I’ve considered and tasted thousands of teas in the quest to make good medicinal tea available to people here in the UK.

If you have a silent spacious tea ceremony practice over time you’ll probably find that you drink Tea not for its flavour or smell but for the Qi, texture in the mouth, and depth of aftertaste, accordingly I focus on these qualities in the teas I offer.

When possible (mostly for Puerh and other Teas from Yunnan) we try to have Tea from trees that are as old (usually in the range of hundreds of years) and as wild (think trees in a forest, not even watered) as possible.

Organic is a very, very low standard for Tea in general but particularly for Puerh. There’s a lot of organic Puerh in the world that will be too overwhelming to drink and upset your system because the trees are too young, and organic fertilisers are used, this Tea is not a medicine at all and is not suitable for Tea ceremony or even for daily consumption.

For Tea from Taiwan or different areas of China, clean from pesticides and with Qi is what we go for (only Yunnan has a natural abundance of ancient and wild trees).