• Old Puerh Price and Buying guide
    This is what I wish somebody told me when I first realised how great but how hard to find old Puerh is and I started to buy it. As usual, nothing in Tea is certain, don’t blind-believe anything […]
  • What is good quality Tea?
    Our Tea Philosophy is to identify quality as a Tea that Is transformative Comes from trees that are as old as possible Comes from trees that are as clean (wild) as possible Is aged properly (long and dry) […]
  • Tea as Space
    In short: my Tea practice allows me to forget the stories about myself. And I find it very satisfying because the constant thinking of “I’m like this” or “I need to solve that” is exhausting. What I believe […]
  • Sheng (raw) Puerh, Shou (cooked) Puerh and Aged Puerh
    Sheng (raw) Puerh is the traditional way of processing Puerh, and traditionally it was aged at least 10-20 years before drinking. This is still the type of Tea I focus on as it’s the best for Meditation purposes, […]
  • What Tea To Use For Meditation
    A few things to consider before starting Tea Ceremony and Meditation: 1) If you are new to Tea: Puerh is very good to start with, it is easily accessible. Try Sheng Puerh, Aged Puerh and Shou Puerh, experience […]