• About our Tea
    This is the Temple private collection shared with you, lucky person reading this 🙂 When I find a Tea that’s exceptional for meditation at a good price I buy a small quantity of it to share here at […]
  • Sheng (raw) Puerh, Shou (cooked) Puerh and Aged Puerh
    Sheng (raw) Puerh is the traditional way of processing Puerh, and traditionally it was aged at least 10-20 years before drinking. This is still the type of Tea I focus on as it’s the best for Meditation purposes, […]
  • What Tea To Use For Meditation
    A few things to consider before starting Tea Ceremony and Meditation: 1) If you are new to Tea: Puerh is very good to start with, it is easily accessible. Try Sheng Puerh, Aged Puerh and Shou Puerh, experience […]
  • Give Yourself Space
    Like muddy water clears when you stop agitating it, letting the mud drop to the bottom on its own. Keep on thinking about the problem will only make it more confused, more urgent, more desperate. And you probably […]
  • About Us
    I discovered Buddhist Meditation back in 2013, or perhaps it discovered me.  Meditation became a very easy daily ritual for me after many years of disharmony, feelings of restlessness, and feeling anxious at times.  A year after discovering […]