Meditation Tea Sampler (Puerh)



Meditation Tea Sampler (Puerh)

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This is a set I put together to introduce you to what we mean by Meditation Tea (Tea that’s suitable for a long tea ceremony because it helps you being really present, but it’s also comfortable in the body and good medicine that can be drunk every day if one chooses so).

The first set is all well-aged sheng (raw) puerh and it has some variety of storage type (from medium-dry to wet), while the second set has more variety: an older shou puerh, a loose leaf new sheng puerh and two amazing teas from our best ones.

4+1 proper Meditation Teas, all aged sheng puerh from 2000 to 2005:

  • 25g of Deep dark medicine – 2000 Taiwanese stored Blue Mark, normally 18£
  • 25g of Coming home – 2001 dry stored, normally 16£
  • 25g of Ocean waves – 2004 Da Xue Shan “Millenial old tree”, normally 9£
  • 25g of King of Puerh – 2005 Lao ban zhan, normally 15£
  • +10g bonus tea of Forest spirit, normally 7£

or 8+2 teas, two+two more aged sheng puerh and two slightly different puerhs:

  • the four teas above +
  • 25g of Forest floor – 1990s Shou Puerh Brick, normally £16
  • 25g of Inner resolve – 2001-2002 Bulang Sheng Puerh, normally 16£
  • 25g of Forest spirit – 2005 Yiwu Sheng Puerh, normally 15£
  • 25g of Da Xue Shan Wild Ancient Tree – 2018 Loose leaf Sheng Puerh, normally £15
  • +10g bonus tea of 2008 Qian Jia Zhai (wet-stored wild puerh), normally £12
  • +10g bonus tea of 2008 Harmony (our best Tea, Ancient Trees, wet stored), normally £12

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4+1 teas (110g total), 8+2 teas (220g total)

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