Get an in-depth Puerh education: Introducing Tea Adventures

We learn the most about Tea by drinking it, not so much by talking or reading about it.

This is very intuitive, but with so much different tea available out there, how are we to know what we like and don’t?

It’s an excellent practice to sit with the same good tea over and over, ideally finish one cake of it.

But also trying different kinds of tea will dramatically enhance our understanding of Tea.

The problem is a lot of good Tea (aged and ancient puerh puerh cakes particularly) is so expensive, there are interesting teas in the $300-800/cake mark, but it gets expensive very soon to buy one cake just to try a tea.

Also what’s worth drinking over the $300 per cake mark tends to be very subjective, what many consider good quality, you may not like (not like enough to spend $500+ on it, anyway).

So sampling is essential… except, most of the best Tea just can’t be found online at all and even when it can, you need to buy a whole cake. Ideally you’d spend weeks in taiwan and KL tea shops to even begin to understand, or have a lot of good tea friends that will send you small samples of their most rare teas.

Drinking tea in person with someone that can brew the tea for you displaying its best characteristics is still the best learning experience, but that’s often not easy: the west is starved for proper tea knowledge.

Introducing: Tea Adventures

Continuing our mission of making learning about aged puerh more accessible: Tea adventures are a great, affordable way of trying more high quality tea that’s otherwise not available online (and if it is, only as a cake size).

This aged puerh have been selected as some of the best examples at their relative price point, and arranged in sets to thematic maximise your learning.

If you’ve been drinking tea for 2+ years or puerh for 1+ year this is for you, to learn much deeper without having to buy a lot of expensive tea you may or may not like just to experiment.

See the current available tea adventures here!

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