School of Sacred Tea Arts and Awakening

Learning Tea Ceremony: a quest worth undertaking...
Visit the Tea Temple in Brighton, UK

What if peace is closer than you think?

Tea is quiet, tea is meditation, tea is a gentle soft lover, tea is peace, tea is enlightenment, let Tea guide you to learn about yourself, the world and you might find out some interesting things...

Tea Ceremony for Peace of Mind and Self-cultivation

What People Say...

  • The silence and the tea were powerful and together they concentrated our view inwards and focused our minds.

    Eric and Ela (Israel)

  • Sometimes I would have an extraordinarily clear stream of thoughts, and other times I would have a thoughtless voyage into… well how do I talk about that?

    Eric (US)

  • For the first time, meditation stopped being something painful and dreadful, and became something I genuinely enjoyed!
    I never felt more comfortable and at ease
    than sharing a cup of tea here in this safe haven.
    This is a magical place and I’m so happy and grateful to have been part of it

    Brianna (US)

What is good quality Tea?

Our Tea Philosophy (which is not everyone’s!) is to identify quality as a Tea that Is transformative Comes from trees that are as old as possible Comes from trees that are as clean (wild) as possible Is processed and aged properly (long and dry) Is affordable 1 Transformative First and foremost, I will look for […]