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1 week ago
Robert Clarke
(verified owner)

Not sure how to express my liking for this tea !
The sample I have is not to tightly pressed .. There is a good smell to the dry leaf , the wet leaf even more so.
It smells slightly medicinal , which I like. The tast is different to other teas I have had. There is some astringency , but not too much. Chi ? All I can say is it results in a relaxed feeling all over.. Give it a try , even if only a sample !

3 weeks ago
Robert Clarke
(verified owner)

I love this , However it may not be to everyones taste..
Has a very damp leaf , forest smell and tast if steeping s are not very short . That said it is great to play with the timings and Temp to get the tast you like. Nice thick mouth feel and for me, calming. I enjoy this after a heavy meal.. At least give it a go !

1 month ago

I'm so happy this cake eventually found me I've been looking for you for a while.

So much to offer here, beautiful looking cake amazing material and the smell is incredible so much that I've never seen this in any other puerh of this age.

The Qi couldn’t be any more perfect for what I've been looking for, calming and relaxing without any anxiousness. Very good qi stamina but not overwhelming.

Taste doesn't disappoint me in the slightest, it's quite unique makes me have memories flash through my mind from a child, a very welcome experience. Great choice if you want a thick oily sweet soup.

2 months ago
Robert Clarke

sample kindly sent to me in addition to my order..
Dry leaf had a wonderful smell , a little like licorice with a slight tang . I used only 6g /150ml of water @98%.
Very quick wash ,then a 15 sec ist infusion.. What a tea ! wonderful taste .. Further infusions at about 10sec.
Qi ? made me relaxed , but wanting to drink more ..

3 months ago
Thomas Carroll

I have had 4 sits with old friend.
3 sits wet gongfu style in a zisha pot,with tetsubin kettles, and mountain spring water. 1 sit was side handle pot bowl tea with the same kettles and water. Also its important to mention It's fall season where I live in Western Canada. Cool air making it ideal for drinking aged puerhs.

My first sit was strong I used more tea than was necessary to cover the bottom of my pot. I found the smell and taste very clean and smooth. Good mouth feel and easy to swallow. It was not bitter like younger puerhs can be creating an unexpected smoothness ( that I found in all 4 sits ).

My second sit was lighter using just enough tea to cover the bottom of my pot. After a few infusions the flavour and aroma really opened up. It was not lacking xi even with less tea. Also a nice level of patience good for several infusions without dropping off, a few kettles worth I was surprised that this tea wasn't a bit darker in colour given the other properties I experienced with her.

My third sit was side handle bowl tea less technical and experiment like and a greater focus on connecting with nature with an open heart. I filled my pot with just enough tea to cover the bottom. Experienced a wonderful meditative sit. I could feel a deep heart space energy reminding me how grateful I am for the tea genre of puerh and it's effects on me in this nature. After the fifth bowl she started to wind down losing some patience. I found Old Friend a perfect candidate for bowl tea, it's affordable for one, it's smooth, I find she invokes a sweet connection with nature and is a great tea to serve beginners in an inviting way to venture into the puerh word.

My fourth sit it was like I was sitting with an Old Friend no pun intended. I enjoyed one last gonfu sit with the lessons of the previous three sits. I enjoyed every sip.

Each sit provided a nice meditative space that I am grateful for. Thank you Old Friend ????

4 months ago

Lovely, comforting tea. Typical yiwu flavour as well as very soft, comfortable qi that I particularly enjoy during the evening to relax with. The description is correct, it does seem to bring forth a subtle sense of loving kindness in ones being, too.

4 months ago

This one has a particularly strong 'qi'. It's definitely not an 'all-rounder' like some of the others and, for me, it is specifically for meditation and/or sitting quietly in the garden. It induces a deep stillness and quietude of mind that is the strongest I've tried so far from this site. Great tea to enjoy alone, prior to a meditation or a meditational experience in itself.

4 months ago
(verified owner)

This is extremely good value for money. A high quality tea, with a lovely qi for such a low price is extremely rare. I recommend this to anyone who is new to these teas and is on a budget!

6 months ago
(verified owner)

Powerful and aptly named, this tea is a real treat. I've recently come out of a decade-plus phase of having a strong preference for wet storage over dry, and have instead lately found myself drawn to the more buzzy energy of dry-aged pu-erh. For that reason, I'm giving this a 4... whereas a year ago I'd have probably rated it a 5. Where I find this tea supportive is when I'm seeking a mellower Qi that is something partway between a nice shou and a dry-aged sheng. Quite nice for those in a mood for sheng with a good deal of wet storage.


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