A community for lovers of Tea for Meditation, Tea ceremony and self-cultivation. If you are open to Qi being more or as important as flavour, this is for you.

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2 weeks ago
(verified owner)

Best value for money enlightenment tea has to offer!
Great tea, great qi and flavour for an incredibly low price. A bit more energetic than some of the others I've tried, but still just as smooth and not 'jumpy'. Some of the other teas are more specifically for meditation, whereas I find this to be more versatile- great for conversations with friends but also a deep enough qi to be helpful in meditation. Highly recommended.

4 weeks ago

Drinking something like no other!! 1960's sheng... if i had to choose one tea to drink for the rest of my life this would be it and i would probably be the happiest man alive. I'm so greatful to have experienced this wonderful tea, i will forever be searching for something on a similar level or better if that's possible. It's hard for me to describe this one being as im so new to drinking puerh but honestly the best tea by far, nothing in my collection comes close to this!!

1 month ago
(verified owner)

Im not so surprised anymore, Enlightenment tea really sell quality aged tea with strong Qi, perfect for meditation.
Everything i have purchased has been exactly what the website describes, if not then better, i'm a very happy customer

Stillness is no exception, straight away with the bold aged tea notes that i love so much, of course this is not the main selling point of the tea, its the powerful Qi accompanied with the pleasurable experience of drinking some quality aged tea. no need to question why this cake is called Stillness, also i must mention this will be a long session because of the many infusions this tea can handle.


Online Tea ceremonies

We drink the same Tea in a ceremonial/meditation context, mostly in silence with a sharing at the end.

The next tea we will drink together is Goddess of Clarity (this time on a full stomach!), date/time will be announced soon.


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Brighton Tea Temple

If you are or can travel to Brighton see events or feel free to contact us to drink some tea together!


You can register interest and be notified when a new online tea ceremony or other event is available via email:

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