A community for lovers of Tea for Meditation, Tea ceremony and self-cultivation. If you are open to Qi being more or as important as flavour, this is for you.

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1 week ago

Lovely, comforting tea. Typical yiwu flavour as well as very soft, comfortable qi that I particularly enjoy during the evening to relax with. The description is correct, it does seem to bring forth a subtle sense of loving kindness in ones being, too.

1 week ago

This one has a particularly strong 'qi'. It's definitely not an 'all-rounder' like some of the others and, for me, it is specifically for meditation and/or sitting quietly in the garden. It induces a deep stillness and quietude of mind that is the strongest I've tried so far from this site. Great tea to enjoy alone, prior to a meditation or a meditational experience in itself.

1 week ago
(verified owner)

This is extremely good value for money. A high quality tea, with a lovely qi for such a low price is extremely rare. I recommend this to anyone who is new to these teas and is on a budget!


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