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1 week ago
Robert Clarke
(verified owner)

Not sure how to express my liking for this tea !
The sample I have is not to tightly pressed .. There is a good smell to the dry leaf , the wet leaf even more so.
It smells slightly medicinal , which I like. The tast is different to other teas I have had. There is some astringency , but not too much. Chi ? All I can say is it results in a relaxed feeling all over.. Give it a try , even if only a sample !

3 weeks ago
Robert Clarke
(verified owner)

I love this , However it may not be to everyones taste..
Has a very damp leaf , forest smell and tast if steeping s are not very short . That said it is great to play with the timings and Temp to get the tast you like. Nice thick mouth feel and for me, calming. I enjoy this after a heavy meal.. At least give it a go !

1 month ago

I'm so happy this cake eventually found me I've been looking for you for a while.

So much to offer here, beautiful looking cake amazing material and the smell is incredible so much that I've never seen this in any other puerh of this age.

The Qi couldn’t be any more perfect for what I've been looking for, calming and relaxing without any anxiousness. Very good qi stamina but not overwhelming.

Taste doesn't disappoint me in the slightest, it's quite unique makes me have memories flash through my mind from a child, a very welcome experience. Great choice if you want a thick oily sweet soup.


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