Kalyana Loka is a dream.

A dream of beauty.
A dream of friendship.

A dream of creating something higher than our ordinary day-to-day consciousness.

Aristotle said that Beauty, Truth and the Good really are one and the same thing.

Kalyana Loka means “The Realm of Beauty”.

We recognise how creating a beautiful environment goes hand-in-hand with performing beautiful (ethical) actions.

We aim to give the gifts of stillness, peace and contentment to anyone visiting us for our events.

The central focus is the practice of Tea Ceremony and Meditation, which dramatically heightens one’s sensibility and appreciation of Truth – how reality really is, not how the mind thinks it is.

Tea Room

With one of the largest collections of aged sheng puerh (and other fine chinese teas) for meditation and having already taught Tea to many, we’re in the unique position of being the best place to learn Tea Ceremony in Europe.

Meditation Cabin and Garden