Gongfu Tea

It’s just the same tea plant you’re used to in black or green tea form, but it comes from trees that are sometimes hundreds or thousands year old and kept in wild or semi-wild conditions.

What makes this tea special and a plant medicine?

It’s not just the mindfulness of the tea ceremony but also tea itself makes you feel concentrated and connected.

Cha dao, The way of tea or Tea ceremony as we call it in English is:

1) An easier way to meditate: Tea keeps you interested, present, it allows spending a lot of time in stillness

2) A martial art (Gongfu means “High Skill”): self-mastery through producing the best cup of tea possible, letting the tea be steeped in a completely natural way where there’s no distinction between the steeper and the steeped, the drinker and the tea drunk

3) A way of transformation of self: Tea is shamanic medicine, it connects one with themselves, with the universe and brings forth the qualities inherent

4) Enjoyment of refined pleasure: Much like art, some literature, classical music, the depth of a cup of tea is one the pleasures of the Gods.

When I hold TeaCceremony I notice being present and centered for the whole day, not getting lost into the usual traps of life, and doing exactly what I wish to do.

In the depth of a tea session, I’ve experienced moments of complete peace, where I want nothing to be different than it is. In fact, I want nothing at all.

It is my wish that you experience this deep peace and alignment.

I look forward to seeing you in the tea temple soon.

Start your own tea practice for well-being, stillness, and clarity.