• Why aged puerh for tea ceremony / meditation
    I believe Aged sheng puerh is the most suitable type of tea for tea ceremony / meditation / self-cultivation, here are a few reasons why (and one why not): 1 Ancient trees In Yunnan there are a lot […]
  • Fake puerh, collectibles and the value of puerh
    Yet again, I’m sampling some expensive aged puerh cakes and I fail to see what’s so good about them. Yet again, I feel like I wasted a morning drinking not-that-worthy tea and I come back to my personal […]
  • Tea ceremony starter guide
    There’s a lot about the why tea ceremony in the website, this is a very basic “starter guide” for making your own Tea ceremony. It’s not meant to be complete or very technical (focuses more on the meditation […]
  • On Panic buying “exclusive” Tea
    It’s a fact that good Tea sells out often and rises in price every year, however there are many different ways in which tea vendors can release and talk about Tea, some of which make it seem more […]
  • Old Puerh Price and Buying guide
    This is what I wish somebody told me when I first realised how great but how hard to find old Puerh is and I started to buy it. As usual, nothing in Tea is certain, don’t blind-believe anything […]