• Get an in-depth Puerh education: Introducing Tea Adventures
    We learn the most about Tea by drinking it, not so much by talking or reading about it. This is very intuitive, but with so much different tea available out there, how are we to know what we […]
  • Things I have zero interest for
    A list of stuff I’m really not interested in: 1 Selling very expensive tea and teaware After a certain level (something like 357g cakes over $500, teapots over $300-500), it’s 99.x% hype, it’s either just a tiny bit […]
  • Why aged puerh for tea ceremony / meditation
    I believe Aged sheng puerh is the most suitable type of tea for tea ceremony / meditation / self-cultivation, here are a few reasons why (and one why not): 1 Ancient trees In Yunnan there are a lot […]
  • Fake puerh, collectibles and the value of puerh
    Yet again, I’m sampling some expensive aged puerh cakes and I fail to see what’s so good about them. Yet again, I feel like I wasted a morning drinking not-that-worthy tea and I come back to my personal […]
  • Tea ceremony starter guide
    There’s a lot about the why tea ceremony in the website, this is a very basic “starter guide” for making your own Tea ceremony. It’s not meant to be complete or very technical (focuses more on the meditation […]