• Good tea and fake wrappers
    It was mid october when I tried a cake I bought from a taiwanese merchant, this was my reaction: (examining the cake) “300 year old trees, yeah right, like the other thousand teas” (opening the cake) “ooh, it […]
  • The truth about old and ancient trees puerh
    Yet again I see another tea cake sold at $100 claiming to be from “600-800-1000” year old trees. Yet we know there’s between 20 and 100 times as much tea produced claiming to be “old” or “ancient” than […]
  • A guide to buying Puerh – high-end edition
    In a guide to buying old puerh I talked about how to buy excellent tea, that’s to say T3. Please refer to Puerh tiers quality for a detailed explanation of the various tiers and the companion article The […]
  • Puerh tiers quality explained
    This essay comes from the confusion of seeing so many puerh classed as “old/ancient trees” with such different quality variety, this is an attempt to make sense of what’s really going on. Please see The truth about old […]
  • Get an in-depth Puerh education: Introducing Tea Adventures
    We learn the most about Tea by drinking it, not so much by talking or reading about it. This is very intuitive, but with so much different tea available out there, how are we to know what we […]