We feature only the highest level of clean ancient tree puerh and old tea, extraordinarily alive, to aid transcendental experiences.

This collection is the result of a long quest to find real depth in tea, now offered to you.



Some of the finest treasures available, to be brewed with high skill and appreciated in their depth and subtlety.



High centering Qi, specially formulated for silent Tea ceremony and meditation practice.


Starter Kit

Everything you need to start your tea practice.



A review from a customer (emphasis mine):

These teas are incredible! I’ve never experienced anything like it. A great addition to my spiritual practice for sure.

I had one of the samples last night, which left me in a blissful, relaxed state of mind. The meditations I do after ingesting these teas is almost on a level of my transcendent psychedelic experiences. The claim you make about them being a shamanic medicine is actually accurate – hard to believe that it’s possible from tea!”