Dear friends,

Almost 5 years ago, I was given stewardship of the house where I currently live.

It was immediately obvious to me that the tea room was meant to be a tea room, but what the rest of the great space we have is for, was always rather unclear.

It’s been a 3-5 people meditation/tea community, it’s been host to a lot of tea ceremonies and events, at the moment it’s me, my wife Una, our pets Metta and Vajra and very soon our child.

But this is not just our home – this is still very clear to us, we want to use this physical place to do something that can benefit for many people.

We have removed the kitchen units from the big room downstairs to be able to use it as an event space.

With my wife Una and best friend Ermanno, we’re so excited to finally present you the vision!


Slow Tea House.

Real asian tea house meets retreat-like atmosphere.

A oasis of peace, connection and clarity in Brighton. A regular event with a strong core rooted in a dedicated physical space to help bring some peace into many people’s lives, rippling through Brighton and beyond.


We would like to do what I think we do best – not teach, but rather connect.

We facilitate people connecting to others (on a real, deep level) and to themselves in the quiet, comfortable, safe space that tea helps provide and we try to embody in the rest of our lives.

Some of you have met each other here, some of you have met tea ceremony and connected to yourself, in any case we think you can see what we mean.

What if that wonderful quiet feeling of connection was available to you and many others, regularly – what great resource would that be?


To begin with, we would like to run one test (beta!) event on Sunday, March 27th. (Tea ceremony – 10am-12, Slow tea house open – 12-5pm)

We ask for a donation, this is to make the project sustainable and seeing whether “the world” indeed wants this to happen and can support it.

We don’t want to publicise this event a lot at first because it needs a certain amount of people that can “get” it in order to work well.

So….we would be so, so, so appreciative if you could come and recommend it to a few friends that do get it.


With hope and brightness in our hearts,

Paolo and many helping friends