Ryokan – 2006 Wild Sheng Puerh


2006 Ryokan Wild Sheng Puerh + book

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We drank this and got merrily, merrily tea drunk.

Ryƍkan Taigu, enlightened zen master, mad hermit, fool, all in one, is one of my tea drinking and awakening “heroes” (if someone that thought of themselves as a fool can be called a hero!)

This Tea is so Ryokan that it doesn’t get just a poem, but an entire book!

One cake comes together with a copy of “One robe, one bowl – The Zen poetry of Ryokan”.

It really tastes like wild tea, quite different from other puerh, great qi, some pleasant smokiness, great huigan, well aged so without any unpleasant strength, just a well balanced strength.

Drink away and forget the world!


Always, when I was a boy,
I would play here and there.
I used to put on my favourite vest
And ride a chestnut horse with a white nose.

Today I spent the morning in town
And the evening drinking amid the peach blossoms by the river.
Returning home, I have lost my way. Where am I?
Laughing, I find myself next to the brothel.


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25g Bag, 357g Cake + Book

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