In short: my Tea practice allows me to forget the stories about myself. And I find it very satisfying because the constant thinking of “I’m like this” or “I need to solve that” is exhausting.

What I believe is true, is true. If I believe life will be a struggle, it will be. If I believe contentment, beauty and peace are possible, they will be.

It seems so obvious to me now because I observe how many times I had a view (whether conscious or unconscious) that things were in a certain way and I absolutely was behaving as if that was some absolute truth. But then my mind changed!

“Earning money will always involve pain”, “this pain in my shoulders will always be there”, “I’m not made to be in relationship with others”, “I’ll always get sick easily”, “I’m just weak and there’s nothing to do about it”, “this trauma will always define me”, these are just some of the views I had which have later been proven to be completely false.

I wonder if that’s true in your experience too?

As I sit with Tea each morning for years, space is created around these views and I stop obsessively thinking about them (whether that’s despair or trying to solve something, same thing) and instead I slowly start to focus on the tea, the teapot, the brewing, the feelings in my body, the view in front of me.

For a few minutes on a day where I’m stressed or for a couple hours on a good day I’m present with what is.

And then, seemingly like magic, a new way of seeing things appear, sometimes it’s a thought, some other times I surprise myself by behaving in a much more “positive” way to what was a very difficult challenge in the past.

And then I remember once more: trying to solve problems never solved anything, it only made the feeling of there being a problem more real in my mind.

Instead by just being still something of my inner being knows the solutions to everything. I just have to stay still for a bit and listen. It’s really not that hard, I just have to have some faith that this has worked out very well for me in the past and likely still will.

Among the many plant medicines I tried, Tea is the most subtle and profound – the two attributes go together: the most subtle is the most transformative because it goes the deepest in our beings.

This is why I practice Tea Ceremony every day and I made it my sole focus to share it with as many people as I can, it enables our inner wisdom to express itself naturally while we’re engaged in a joyful activity!

Whether what you want is healing, connection to universe/god, knowing yourself, life satisfaction – space knows how to do this, you just need to trust it and be still.

This is as far as I can express with words, the next step of our communication will be when we share some Tea. Hopefully soon?

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