Breathe… have some Tea

Like muddy water clears when you stop agitating it, letting the mud drop to the bottom on its own. Keep on thinking about the problem will only make it more confused, more urgent, more desperate. And you probably experienced that making a decision in a confused state of mind will often make you choose a […]

Our story

This is us with Metta (our pet-therapy-in-training pup, her name means “Loving Kindness”/”Universal Love”, the chief virtue of Buddhism). There’s also Vajra (cat, his name is a symbol of Vajrayana Buddhism), and many friends and volunteer that help us and you’ll see often. Paolo I discovered Buddhist Meditation back in 2013, or perhaps it discovered […]

Tea Poetry

Tea is balance – it brings a degree of presence and mindfulness in the whole of my life. More and more, I find myself very still without particularly trying. Tea is a lover I never have seen the real depths of fully, I never can, the more I see the more She lets me know […]