What is a Tea Ceremony?

It’s very difficult to describe what happens in a Tea Ceremony because it’s such a unique experience but here are words from some previous participants:

“For the first time, meditation stopped being something painful and dreadful, and became something I genuinely enjoyed! I never felt more comfortable and at ease than sharing a cup of tea here in this safe haven. This is a magical place and I’m so happy and grateful to have been part of it”

Brianna (US)

“Serene, blissful, enriching, peaceful and deeply nourishing by the beautiful souls around and the tea medicine magic.”

Kristen (Estonia)

“My stays here are filled with presence, joy and gratitude. The close proximity to nature makes this place truly peaceful and relaxing. My tea ceremonies here really connected me to the wild and wise spirit of tea. They opened up my heart to acceptance, gratitude and love.”

Liuda (Russia)

A note on “Caffeine”:

The tea has a little or medium amount of caffeine (medium for morning, while at night time we only drink tea that supports sleep), but it being wild and aged the effect is very different, there’s no anxiety and crash and no addiction (in fact I usually feel more energised in the mornings since I drink proper real wild Tea)

I myself am one of the most sensitive to caffeine people I know and I thought I wasn’t interested in Tea Ceremony because of that… it turns out that being so sensitive is what makes this medicine go even deeper inside me, and without the usual negative effects of caffeine!

Around 1% of people might still find the Tea is a bit overwhelming on their system, it’s worth trying once to see if it’s okay with you.