Breathe… have some Tea

Like muddy water clears when you stop agitating it, letting the mud drop to the bottom on its own.

Keep on thinking about the problem will only make it more confused, more urgent, more desperate.

And you probably experienced that making a decision in a confused state of mind will often make you choose a solution that will create more problems in the future!

Deep down we always know what we want and should do, but usually, we’re not listening.

If we only stop for a moment it will come up naturally.

Is it possible to stop thinking about the problem now, enjoy your time here, and trust that the right solution will come when you are not thinking about it, just this once, to see if it works?

Have some tea, quietly, have a long breath, look around, lose yourself in a pleasurable activity, close your eyes, watch your breath, meditate, slowly, everything will be OK and in fact, it is already OK as it is now.

Slowly, quietly, things are okay, have another cup…