Tea Ceremony and Meditation

Aged Puerh with strong Qi for self-cultivation is one of the most conductive ways of accessing new depths of meditation
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Real Ancient Trees Puerh

I've spent many years sitting with, learning about and seeking real ancient tree puerh, I'd love to share what I found with you

Visit the Tea Temple in Brighton, UK or join an online Tea ceremony

What People Say...

  • The best teas I’ve had the opportunity to sample thus far in my tea journey. Looking forward to our next session and trying some more amazing teas.

    Greg (UK)

  • The silence and the tea were powerful and together they concentrated our view inwards and focused our minds.

    Eric and Ela (Israel)

  • Sometimes I would have an extraordinarily clear stream of thoughts, and other times I would have a thoughtless voyage into… well how do I talk about that?

    Eric (US)