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Semde Enlightenment Herbs


Serving: Two Pellets/Capsules

Servings per container:25

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Semde is a mood support formula, to be used for sadness, depression or a bleak dark winter. I personally wouldn’t want to spend this next winter without it.

This is not an anti-depressive drug! What a western anti-depressive drug does mostly is make you numb.
Semde has a mood support effect but without removing the ability to feel feelings, it’s subtler and will support you.

The other key difference with western drugs is that this herb is constitutional, it rebalances your body in a way where the effect is incremental over time.
Therefore when you want to stop taking it the effects will not go away immediately.
Of course there may over time be other causes in your life that bring sadness back, but semde always works rebalancing your system, not simply addressing the symptom of sadness, so it will work for much longer than when you stop taking it.

The Tibetan doctor who makes this formula describes his patient’s experiences like this: “My patients often experience freedom from depression in just a few days, often in hours, after taking Semde. Many people use Semde to manage stress and depression on a daily basis and find that their overall quality of life increases. I have rarely met a Westerner who hasn’t benefited from Semde.”

The combination of Semde and Bimala or Semde and Agar-35 makes both more effective.



Aquilaria agollocha, Mucuna prurita, Myristica fragrans, Saussurea lappa, Melia composite, Ferula jaeschkeana, Eugenia caryophylla, Piper nigrum, Piper longum, Hedychium spicatum:, Aconitum spicatum, Molasses, Black salt.


A few facts about Tibetan Herbs:

* They worked so well for me (and everyone I gave them too!) that I want as many people as possible that are able to appreciate this subtler but so much more powerful way of healing and supporting our body to be fully aligned. More on this on the description of the main formulas below

* Tibetan Medicine is much more spiritually oriented (emphasising qualities like peace and ability to meditate) than most Chinese medicine (much more about sexual potency, long life, raw power).
“Tibetan tonics tend to move energy upwards toward the higher chakra centers for spiritual application, rather than downward toward the lower centers to boost sexual and other physical functions” (Daniel Reid)

* Tibetan herbs address the main imbalances in the body correcting them in a way that western medicine simply can’t do because it tends to only cure the symptoms

* These formulas are designed to work the first time without needing adjustments (unlike Chinese medicine herbs of which there are a lot and one normally needs to change prescription every few weeks)

* The formulas I’ve tried (all the main ones I talk about below) don’t have side-effects. Again I can’t say the same for Chinese herbs, they usually do have quite a bit of side-effects that your TCM doctor then corrects with other herbs

* They’re all wild gathered (wild medicines are much more effective than even organic plantations)!

* Our Tibetan friends gathering and producing them are paid fairly, the formulas themselves are made and consecrated following Buddhist principles

* In Buddhism we say “may you have happiness (or peace) and its causes”, the causes are the actions you choose to do because happiness (or lack thereof) is simply the result of our actions (“Karma” is nothing more than “There will be an appropriate result to whatever action you perform”).
These herbs help you break the circle of depression, anxiety, weakness in a subtle but powerful way where you can have the energy to make the conscious choice to live in a way that further promotes happiness, peace, energy.

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